Perez Hilton Vs. in Video


perezwilliamCeleb blogger (and now sort of a celeb himself) Perez Hilton apparently got punched by a member of’s entourage last night in Toronto at a party after the MuchMusic Video Awards. Hilton enlisted fans over Twitter to help him get the attention of the police, saying he was assaulted by took to his video site of choice, Dipdive, to maintain his innocence, and opened a Twitter account to defend himself there. Then Hilton, using his real name Mario Lavandeira, posted a video statement on his own site going into excruciating and teary detail over the words and taunts he exchanged during and after the awards show with and his Black Eyed Peas bandmate, Fergie.

Not that I’m in any way an advocate of violence, but Hilton/Lavandeira really does play up the drama considering it’s less than a day later and he looks just fine. However, notably, he does have some element of truth on his side, because Molina Liborio, who is apparently’s manager, was taken into custody in Toronto last night and charged with assault.

Neither video makes its creator look particularly sympathetic. But if you want to judge for yourself, here they are:

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