Luke 11:17, Bruce Lee Plays Ping-pong: NTV Station Today

Yep, today we have yet another viral ad appropriating the image of a dead famous person to sell a product. I love the visual look of this Bruce Lee piece, though — the blurry black and white makes this game of ping-pong almost look like a dream.

And today we look at a series singled out by Wes Craven this past Halloween. According to Julia Diddy, Luke 11:17 “more than holds its own within the confines of its genre.” Check out this ably produced and acted horror treat at NewTeeVee Station.

The Myth of the Startup Miracle


I found this old New Yorker cartoon, by Sidney Harris, courtesy of a columnist over at Inc. magazine, and it made me smile. Just about every founder (whether we admit it or not) has the fantasy, or nightmare, of at least one Black Hole in the business model — that place where something unquantifiable, or even as-yet-unknown to you, will have to happen to make the thing fly.

Maybe it’ll be that moment when your coder stumbles on “the solution” ; when your product “somehow” finds its way into the hands of an evangelist who tells the right person about it; when you “bump into” the perfect investor or partner.

Such myths of serendipity and miracles sustain our romantic notions of founding — they keep us going, despite huge odds. But there are no miracles. And this is OK! Just ask Paul Graham, who debunks the idea of startup “miracles,” beginning with the ideas themselves: Read More about The Myth of the Startup Miracle