Don’t Be Evil is not a slogan nor a browser extension

Earlier today a Facebook staffer released a browser extension called “Don’t Be Evil,” a not-so-subtle dig at Google’s corporate motto. Unfortunately, both Facebook and Google are two companies who don’t quite understand that “don’t be evil” is more than just words.

Facebook picks fight with Google over who is more evil

A team of developers led by Facebook’s Blake Ross has launched a browser plugin called “Don’t be evil” they claim presents Google’s search more fairly — but is this a war Facebook can win, or just a chance to make cheap PR points against Google?

Joe Hewitt, Mobile Guru Leaves Facebook

Joe Hewitt who built the initial version of Facebook for the iPhone, left the social networking company today. Hewitt, who has had incredible influence over Facebook’s mobile success, left to work on his own focusing on tools for developers and designers. He joined Facebook in 2007.