Blip launches studio focused on branded content

New York-based Blip, long a leading platform for independent video producers to get their work seen on YouTube, will launch a Los Angeles studio, where it will work more closely with content creators to tailor genre-based video for advertisers. raises $12M, changes name to… Blip? has raised another $12 million in funding and debt and changed its name to Blip, dropping the .tv top level domain from the company logo. Why the change? So viewers won’t confuse the content with things that are made for TV.

Why we’re going to keep calling them “web series”

As long as there have been web series, people have debated whether the term is inaccurate and derogatory. But when you talk to those working in the industry, it becomes clear that the term is here to stay — and that it’s a good thing. Redesigns To Be Like Hulu for Indie Web Series has launched a redesigned site, seeking to become the destination for independent web series. While others host a mix of professional, semi-pro and UGC content, with the redesign is focusing solely on bringing out only the best series content made strictly for the web.

Why Oversharing Can Help Startups

More than half the employees at web video start-up are active Tumblr users, which has created a public awareness of the company’s internal culture. It’s a unique example of how corporate communications can incorporate social media, but would it work for any ol’ start-up?

The Golden Age of Choice and Cannibalization in TV

Internet video is growing at a significant pace. It has not yet taken a chunk out of the broadcast and cable audiences, but over time it will steal share from broadcast and cable just as cable stole from broadcast, which stole from radio before that.