Medium gets a bit more Twitter-like, and a bit more blog-like

Medium has been known primarily for its long-form, magazine-style pieces — but founder Evan Williams says it wants to be a home for shorter posts as well, so it has launched several new features that make it more Twitter-like and more blog-like

The one big thing that newspaper visionaries didn’t foresee

A memo written by the managing editor of the Washington Post in 1992 says a lot about how much of the future of media was obvious even then, but it also misses the most disruptive force the industry has seen — namely, the rise of social media.

Medium is well done, but is it the future of publishing?

Evan Williams and Biz Stone have launched a new web-publishing platform called Medium that they hope will be part of a reinvention of digital content. But apart from founders with a great pedigree, it’s not immediately clear what Medium offers that other services don’t.

Are aggregation and curation journalism? Wrong question

There’s been a lot of debate about whether a Forbes blog post that excerpted and summarized a New York Times story qualifies as journalism or not — but to some extent that’s a red herring. The only question that matters is whether the reader is served.