Verizon to spend $100M on solar panels, fuel cells for facilities

Verizon is making its largest commitment to clean power to date with a planned $100 million investment into installing solar panels and fuel cells at its facilities. The company joins the league of Apple and Google with its aggressive investments in distributed, renewable energy.

Report: Advanced Equities to close up shop

Advanced Equities, a controversial investment group in Chicago, is closing up its broker-dealer operations, reports Fortune. The firm had raised hundreds of millions of dollars for cleantech startups in recent years, but recently settled charges with the SEC, hurting its reputation and costing it $1 million.

AT&T doubles down on Bloom Energy fuel cells

AT&T is now Bloom Energy’s largest corporate customer and has doubled its previously announced fuel cell deal. The news is the latest win for Bloom Energy as it continues to brings in tech customers that want to power facilities and data centers.