How Green are Bloom Electrons? Depends on the Gas

Last week, fuel cell startup Bloom Energy launched its power purchase agreement business that repositions it from being a provider of fuel cells to a provider of the power those fuel cells generate. But what is a Bloom electron worth to Bloom’s would-be customers?

Bloom Energy Launches Electricity Service, With No Upfront Fee

The most talked about company in cleantech in 2010, fuel cell company Bloom Energy, announced Thursday morning that it’s launching an offer for 10-year electricity contracts with no upfront payment for the Bloom Box fuel cell itself, which costs between $700,000 to $800,000.

Top 10 Greentech Influencers of 2010

Since influencers are what makes the greentech industry world go round, we thought we’d bring you the 10 individuals that we think had the biggest effect on the greentech sector this year. From corporate bigwigs to policy wonks, these are the people changing the sector.

Top 10 Earth2tech Posts of 2010

The year in greentech was influenced by a whole grip of startups, investors, innovators, and policy makers. But when it comes to page views, there were a couple of companies that dominated: Bloom Energy, and Bill Gate’s TerraPower. Here are the Top 10 stories of 2010:

A Bloom Box A Day, A Couple Months Away

The chief of the oh-so-buzzy fuel cell company Bloom Energy, K.R. Sridhar, told Reuters at the media company’s climate conference this week, that in a few months Bloom Energy will have ramped up production enough to produce one Bloom box per day.

The Largest Bloom Energy Installation Now at Adobe

Bloom Energy has installed the largest single installation to date on the roof of Adobe’s headquarters in San Jose, Calif. The dozen fuel cells will be one of the first to run on biogas (methane from organic waste), making them carbon free.