Twitter reportedly acquiring Bluefin Labs

Reports came out on Monday that Twitter has acquired Bluefin Labs, a company that attempts to measure interaction around television and media on social media and provide feedback to businesses and marketers.

The time for healthcare tech startups is now

Don’t listen to the naysayers. The time to jump into healthcare IT is now, said Frank Moss, director of the new media medicine at MIT’s Media Lab. Creative technologists working in mobility, social networking, nano devices, should seek health IT opportunities. Now.

Trendrr launches social media tools for TV networks

This year’s fall TV season is going to bring us a whole lot of hash tags. Trendrr’s new enterprise measurement tools can help TV executives understand whether initiatives like these are actually working, and who their top influencers tweeting about their show are.

How social is your favorite TV show? Bluefin Labs knows.

Which TV shows are drawing the most commenters and the largest share of the social media conversation? Bluefin Labs is using social media to not only measure engagement during TV shows, but also to find connections between shows that those viewers enjoy watching.