Zaarly goes big: $14.1M funding, Meg Whitman joins board

Peer-to-peer marketplace Zaarly has secured some major support — from some of the tech industry’s biggest names. Zaarly has closed on $14.1 million in a series A funding round. In addition, Hewlett-Packard CEO and former eBay CEO Meg Whitman has joined Zaarly’s board of directors.

From The Burning Bush: How to Choose Board Members

We publish often about the importance of selecting the right advisors and board members. Plenty of serial founders will happily share their ideas for how to do this, but even the most successful among them will tell you that it is not only as important a choice as your business model, but in many ways, more challenging. (Business plans can’t talk back, change their minds, or fire you!)

So what would someone from the other side of the table — a professional board member — say about how to choose your directors successfully? Read More about From The Burning Bush: How to Choose Board Members