SFO to JFK in less than an hour? It could happen

Barring snafus, an X-51A WaveRider “Scramjet” could hit speeds of nearly 4,000 mph in a test flight on Tuesday. Such hypersonic flight, if proven viable, would cut the time of a cross-country trip from five hours plus to a mere 46 minutes.

SpaceX, Boeing, Sierra Nevada hit big in NASA sweepstakes

SpaceX is one of 3 rivals competing — with NASA’s help — to power the next U.S. manned space launch. Boeing, Sierra Nevada (no not that Sierra Nevada) and SpaceX will benefit from NASA expertise — and millions of dollars of its dough — under the 21-month contract.

Solar struggles: Stirling Energy Systems files for bankruptcy

Solar thermal company Stirling Energy Systems has filed for bankruptcy, according to Renewable Energy World. Stirling Energy Systems developed solar concentrators based on stirling engines, which use the sun’s heat to produce electricity, and planned to build projects to sell the power to utilities.

7 ways the military is embracing cleantech

The U.S. military has stepped up efforts to invest and use more cleantech at its bases and battlefields, including renewable electricity, energy storage and a host of energy efficiency technologies. Here is a list of plans and projects underway.

Southwest Glides Down Path To Fuel Savings

Southwest Airlines is rolling out new fuel-efficient flight-path technology that could save the company up to $60 million a year — and help the global airline industry shave its carbon footprint as well.