Stat shot: Phones, tablets use airport Wi-Fi more than laptops

Smartphones and tablets now trump laptops as the newer, more mobile devices use airport Wi-Fi more than traditional computers, according to data collected by Boingo Wireless. Although laptops outnumber mobile devices by a factor of five, the smaller devices use nearly 60 percent of airport Wi-Fi.

Boingo Brings $1.99 Pay-Per-Use Wi-Fi to Apple’s iPad

Not everyone buying an iPad is purchasing the 3G model. Boingo Wireless today started offering a new pay-per-use Wi-Fi service for iPads, iPhones and iPod touches that’s even cheaper than AT&T’s Wi-Fi On the Spot offering. It uses iTunes for the transaction, making buying credits easy.

Verizon’s Affair With Wi-Fi Heats Up

Verizon Wireless is giving its mobile broadband users free Wi-Fi access through thousands of hotspots throughout North America. That off-loading will be crucial as the carrier’s data traffic ramps up thanks to the Motorola Droid and other data-friendly smartphones.

Why Free Wi-Fi Marketing Is Smart

4091331439_32bfd22abe.jpgMaybe we should chalk it up to the upcoming season of jolly, but lately it seems like everyone wants to give away free Wi-Fi access to travelers. Well, free as long as you watch an ad or a promo for whichever company is sponsoring it, such as Yahoo, Microsoft and now Google. But while we might roll our eyes at what looks like just another way to serve up ads, the idea of free WiFi-based marketing is actually pretty smart. Read More about Why Free Wi-Fi Marketing Is Smart