Google goes big with free Wi-Fi campaign

Boingo and Google have been gradually expanding a free Wi-Fi experiment across the country, using a sponsorship model to open up public hotspots to consumers. But today they scaled big, announcing 4000 new hotspots in the program. There’s a catch though: it’s not available to iPhones.

Boingo Wi-Finder for iOS smartly adds data usage tracking

With a reported 50 percent of all smartphone owners not knowing how much mobile broadband their handsets use each month, data usage tracking tools are becoming valuable utilities. Boingo just added one to its Wi-Finder for iOS app, which can help save you money.

A burger, fries and Wi-Fi: Boingo connects Wendy’s fast food joints

The complimentary Wi-Fi network will go into company-owned locations, but the vast number of franchisees will make their own call on whether to offer the service. Still, even if all 6000 locations signed on they would barely make a dent in Boingo’s already 500,000-strong hotspot footprint.

Stat shot: Phones, tablets use airport Wi-Fi more than laptops

Smartphones and tablets now trump laptops as the newer, more mobile devices use airport Wi-Fi more than traditional computers, according to data collected by Boingo Wireless. Although laptops outnumber mobile devices by a factor of five, the smaller devices use nearly 60 percent of airport Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi hotspots, the once and future network king

The number of Wi-Fi hotspots around the world is expected to crack one million locations by 2013 as carriers continue to embrace the hotspot in face of growing data demand. Gone are the days where simple Wi-Fi is a second-class citizen when it comes to networks.

Wi-Fi’s coming identity crisis

On Tuesday, iPass introduced a new Wi-Fi roaming service that is one of many data points in Wi-Fi’s slow transition from home networking tech for geeks to must-have for every mobile device to perhaps another source of carrier revenue. Will carriers charge for Wi-Fi?