Hipmunk knows you’re addicted to the web

Hipmunk, the hot flight-finding service, has added in-flight Wi-Fi as a new metric for travelers. Sure, this is an indication of how deep the web has sunk its talons into us, but working on flights has become pretty much the standard in many offices.

LinkedIn Preps a Bigger IPO, But It’s No Facebook

LinkedIn is upping its expectations for its much-anticipated IPO, which it now believes can pull in as much as $274 million. The company this morning released the pricing for its IPO and is now prepared to offer 7.84 million shares at $32 to $35 each

Boingo IPO to Test the Strength of Wireless Boom

Wi-Fi provider Boingo Wireless is set to go public Wednesday in what could be a good measure of how hot the wireless boom is. The company is seeking to raise some $75 million with its debut, which comes as IPOs are growing hot again.

Looking for a Hotspot? Try Boingo’s New App

To save on mobile broadband costs, hotspots are becoming more attractive than ever but finding them can be tough. Boingo’s new Wi-Finder software for Windows, OS X, Android and iOS now finds out of network hotspots. Wi-Finder can notify when near a hotspot and automatically login.

Wi-Fi Roaming Gets One Step Closer

The Wi-Fi Alliance plans work with equipment providers, carriers and device manufacturers to create a certification program that will enable operators to eventually enable roaming on Wi-Fi networks. That would offer consumers a Wi-Fi experience closer to the seamless connectivity of a cell network.

Bye Bye Boingo? iPad is not a Smartphone

Boingo is a service that can be indispensable for those who have a mobile lifestyle. I frequently work mobile, so the $10/monthly fee is money well spent. A recent trip demonstrated an alternate method to connect to the web, and that has me considering dropping Boingo.

Purchase Boingo Hourly Wi-Fi Access on iPad at Launch

The first iPad owners are going to be looking for Wi-Fi hotspots from day one due to the lack of integrated 3G. It’s the same for most notebooks, and a provider of Wi-Fi access has announced a program making hotspot access easy for iPad owners.

Skype Access Makes It Easy To Go Boingo

Skype, which has a long standing relationship with Boingo, is making it simpler (and easier) to get access to Boingo hotspots around the world. It announced a new plan that allows Skype users to pay for Boingo Wi-Fi hotspots using Skype Credit. The feature is called Skype Access and is currently available to Mac users as part of the Skype for Mac 2.8 Beta software. I upgraded just for this feature alone. Skype will support this on Windows and Linux versions of Skype later. You pay per minute for the access you use. Previously, you had to sign up for Boingo and got a special rate for using Skype. I thought it was a bad deal. I find Skype Access simpler and easier. (Related Post: Full review of Skype 2.8 for Mac on TheAppleBlog.)