“Bomb the Moon?” More Like Bore the Moon

Perhaps my expectations were set ridiculously high from watching Star Wars and Star Trek all these years, but when America says it’s going to BOMB THE MOON — I darn well better see something explode.

Instead, this is what we got:

Michael Bay needs to step in and start manning mission control, because only then would we get to see all the pyrotechnics and unearthing of an ancient civilization of Mooninites that is now hell-bent on destroying us if not for the actions of a grizzled, washed-up former marine and single father and his rag-tag crew who duct tape two missiles to a heretofore secret alien spacecraft we’ve been keeping in Area 51 and nuke those moon bastards back to hell.


According to an annotation on one copy of the clip, better video will be released later, which is easy to believe because anything has got to be better than this.