NewTeeVee in Print! Here’s Our Book Excerpt

Last year I had the opportunity to author a chapter in an academic book called Television Goes Digital. It just came out and I have permission to share with you the text of my chapter in its entirety.
Though our blogger birthright is to pish-posh at the printed word, I’ve never been published in a book before so I was pretty excited. The chapter includes goodies like a comparative chart of funding and traffic for the long list of online video portal startups. If it seems a little outdated (not a single mention of Fred!), just remember I wrote this a full 10 months ago. Here it is: “YouTube Changes Everything: The Online Video Revolution.”
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Ze, Buckley and Homestar Runner Tell All

Ze Frank made the best money he’s ever made on his web video series theshow. You won’t see Homestar Runner-branded pillows and sleeping bags anytime soon. Michael Buckley hates taking the weekend off.
Read these and many other interesting first-person tidbits from artists who’ve cultivated audiences and communities online in reporter and blogger Scott Kirsner’s new book, Fans, Friends & Followers. Kirsner made up a special excerpt for NewTeeVee readers that includes sections from Frank, Buckley, and Homestar Runner co-creator Mike Chapman. We’ve embedded it below.
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