Defending the Apple way

The crux of the government’s case against Apple is that it acted as the “ringmaster” of a conspiracy among the publishers to raise the price of ebooks above what Amazon was selling them for. But what the government calls a conspiracy in restraint of trade, Apple calls standard operating procedure for entering a concentrated media market.

Hiptype wants to be the Google Analytics for ebooks

Mobile analytics companies provide app publishers with data about their users. Hiptype, a Y Combinator startup, wants to do the same thing for ebooks. That could be huge for data-starved book publishers — except that for now, Hiptype only works on platforms that support HTML5.

Ebook sales way up in 2011; overall trade book sales roughly flat

Print books still dominate, but a new report reveals that in 2011, ebooks made up 15 percent of all trade book sales. In addition, digital is now the most popular format for adult fiction. Despite the massive growth of digital, though, bricks-and-mortar stores are still the largest sales channel for publishers.

DoJ warning means one thing: E-book prices are coming down

The ultimate outcome of the Department of Justice’s case against Apple and five major book publishers over alleged price fixing and collusion in e-books is unknown, but it seems obvious that prices are likely to go down — and that could be a good thing for publishers.