Have Laptop, Will Travel

It won’t be possible for me to disconnect entirely; I’ll need to be on call, and to have access to my work. But I want to carry as little as possible, and make the transition from the office to the train as painless as I can.

IAWTV Gives Itself Herculean Task of Uniting Web TV Makers

The International Academy of Web Television’s mission is a lot like herding cats — a bit of a loaded metaphor considering the idea of online television as a legit medium is up against a web full of silly cat videos.

The IAWTV’s inaugural meeting today in Santa Monica, Calif. was in some ways productive and in others frustratingly embryonic. The IAWTV is trying to unite a group of independent-thinking online video entrepreneurs into an organization to run an awards show, and possibly much more than that.

DECA CEO and the appointed IAWTV chairman of the board Michael Wayne gamely parried a wide variety of questions, desires and dissents from a roomful of members and would-be members, many of whom had flown to LA for the event.

For now, the IAWTV’s principal responsibility is to run the second-annual Streamy Awards show next year, but along the way it’s also hoping to structure itself in the Hollywood mold. Wayne laid out a plan for 22 peer groups — which sounds rather unwieldy given the total current membership is around 100. But to be fair, the second part of his session was addressed to prospective members, and the room for that was packed. No actual academy business was carried out; this was more of an informational meeting.

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iPhone Application Sketch Book Rights Sold to Apress Publishing

Little more than a month after releasing the iPhone Application Sketch Book its creator, Dean Kaplan, has already sold the publishing rights to Apress Publishing House for an undisclosed amount. Kaplan says the move will allow the book to reach a broader market and free up some more time to work on “other projects that will compliment the sketchbook.”


According to Kaplan, future publications of the sketchbook will remain largely the same except for a few minor changes suggested by current users, like perforated pages or different page sizes. “Customers love the look and feel of the book, that it lays flat, and it’s one place to hold all their designs,” he says. “Future modifications will no doubt be slight.” Read More about iPhone Application Sketch Book Rights Sold to Apress Publishing