NYC and 13 more cities get T-Mobile’s iPhone-friendly upgrade

T-Mobile saved the biggest cities for the end of the year. T-Mobile revealed that it has completed its HSPA+ network upgrade in 14 more cities including metropolises like New York, Boston, and Dallas-Fort Worth. In those cities iPhones can now tap into T-Mo’s 3G network.

Can IBM eggheads slay Boston’s traffic woes?

Boston picked the brains of a gaggle of IBM engineers who came in to figure out how to consolidate and analyze existing traffic data feeds as well as new data sources including Twitter, to ease the city’s notorious traffic jams.

Google expansion sparks turf war in the Hub

Boston and Cambridge are battling it out to be the site of Google’s proposed expansion in the Hub. Google’s current local headquarters is in Kendall Square, but it’s unclear if it can expand there. Boston is pitching its Innovation District to the search giant.

5 things I learned at AngelHack

If you’ve never been to a hackathon, give it a shot even if you can’t stick it out for the full ride. AngelHack Boston entrants started coding at noon on Saturday and finished 30 hours later. I was there for 10. Here’s what I learned.

Why start up in Boston?

It may not be Silicon Valley but the Boston-Cambridge metro area has a lot going for it — infrastructure expertise, a deep talent pool, and VC funding. Facebook famously went elsewhere, but here’s why other local companies started here (and will stay put.)

HP moves big data ops to Cambridge

The greater Boston area may not be the hub of the big data universe that some recent research suggests, but it got a leg up this week with news that tech giant Hewlett-Packard is moving some of its big data operations to Cambridge.

Not banned in Boston: Tweet seats come to a theater near you

In what purists see as capitulation to attention deficit disorder, several Boston theaters plan to offer special “tweet seats” for cell-phone wielding patrons. Boston is following in the footsteps of venues like the Palm Beach Opera and Norma Terris Theater that already breached the tweet/no-tweet divide.

Amazon move has Boston-Cambridge in a tizzy

If Amazon opens an office in the Boston-Cambridge area as reported, it would boost a high-tech community that often feels overlooked and undervalued compared to Silicon Valley and Seattle. Amazon is recruiting engineers for an as-yet-unannounced Boston area venue slated to open in 2012.

Sorry, Mark. Facebook needed Silicon Valley

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg this weekend set the Internet ablaze with his comments that if he started his social network today, he would stay in Boston. I disagree. His being in Silicon Valley and being able to hire the right people contributed to the company’s success.