Datadog fetches $31M to beef up sales and engineering

Datadog, which promises to let companies see how well (or badly) their various cloud deployments are performing, now has $31 million in fresh Series C funding, bringing its total to about $53 million.

The company, with offices in New York and Boston, will use the new funding to hire more people in sales and R&D, CEO Olivier Pomel said in an interview. This round was led by existing investor Index Ventures, with participation from RTP Ventures, OpenView Venture Partners, Amplify Partners and others.

Datadog CEO Olivier Pomel

Datadog CEO Olivier Pomel

“Our ecosystem is blowing up, in a good way,” Pomel said. “Two years ago it was all [company]Amazon[/company]. Now there’s also [company]Microsoft[/company] Azure and [company]Google[/company] on the public cloud side. They’re building fast and are serious. On the private side, back then there was OpenStack on the private side, and now there’s an explosion of container technology driven by Docker and now CoreOS … Every single big software company has a container play and we have to support all that.”

The company, which claims [company]Netflix[/company], Spotify, [company]EA[/company], and, Mercadolibre as customers, has 75 employees now, up from 25 last year, and plans to double or triple headcount next year.

Datadog faces competitors including Boundary, Server Density and Stackdriver (which was purchased by [company]Google[/company] last year). Pomel said many customers use home-grown options.

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