In SaaS, you can’t assimilate, so integrate

In the world of Software as a Service, integration is critical. It gets small SaaS providers in front of new potential customers already predisposed to buying cloud-based services, and it gives individual SaaS vendors a fighting chance against large software vendors with lots of products and salespeople.

CX funding shows cloud storage startups are still hot

It’s been clear for years now that cloud storage technology is hot — even Amazon, Google and Apple have made big moves into the area. But judging by the latest funding news out of storage startup CX, heavyweight investors are still bullish about newcomers to the space.

ShareFile offers enterprise-friendly file sharing features

For sending, sharing and collaborating on files, there are a huge number of file sharing apps available, including Dropbox,, Minus, FileShareHQ and Accellion. Another option in this very crowded market that is billed as being “exclusively focused on small business/enterprise features” is ShareFile’s SimpleShare: Seamless Screenshot and Screencast Sharing

File sharing and collaboration company’s SimpleShare is a great little desktop app for Windows and Mac that makes taking and sharing screenshots and screencasts seamless. Take a screenshot, or record a screencast, using the app and it will automatically be uploaded to your account.

25 Apps for the Virtual Worker’s Toolkit

Working remotely means not having the easy access to the machines and systems you used to when you were cubicle-bound. Here’s a list of five basic categories of tools you should have at the ready, and a variety of options to consider for each category.

Accellion Offers Secure File Sharing For the Enterprise

Accellion, a provider of secure file transfer solutions, has announced Accellion Secure Collaboration, a new product that aims to bring easy Dropbox-style file sharing and collaboration to the enterprise, while also providing IT departments with controls to ensure data security and demonstrate regulatory compliance.

Joukuu Manages Files Across Google Docs, Dropbox and

If you’re like me, you probably have files spread across a number of different cloud services, so you might be interested to hear about Joukuu, a Windows desktop app that can browse and manage files from, Dropbox and Google Docs.

Looking Beyond the Features to Find Good Collaboration Tools

Many collaboration tools have very similar feature sets. But to find a really good app, you need to look beyond the basic features of a particular tool and delve more deeply into the value, experience and knowledge that its vendor brings to the table.

Collaboration May Be a Pain but SaaS Makes It Simple

There are thousands of startups trying to offer collaboration software but four of them onstage today at our Net:Work event explained how virality, openness with other applications through an API, and simplicity will help startups succeed against their enterprise rivals, especially those like Microsoft SharePoint.