What are Boxee’s upcoming mystery products?

Boxee revealed in a filing with the FCC this week that it’s working on additional products that could be used as alternatives to traditional cable set-top boxes. What does the company have up its sleeve? We can only guess — but, hey, that’s fun too!

Boxee officially pulls the plug on PC client

Boxee is following through with its announcement to remove the Mac, Windows and Linux versions of its client from its website. PC users have until the end of Tuesday to download the latest version, but many might opt to check out a competitor instead.

Iomega TV with Boxee won’t be sold in the U.S.

Are you still waiting to buy Iomega’s Boxee set-top box? Then maybe it’s time to look for alternatives or call your relatives in the UK: Iomega just told us that it won’t be selling the device in the U.S. but will concentrate on Europe instead.

Confirmed: The Boxee Box is getting a live TV dongle

Boxee just confirmed the live TV dongle we first reported about a week ago: Boxee Box users will be able to watch free live HD TV on the device starting in January, when the USB dongle will go on sale for $49.

Scoop: The Boxee Box is getting a live TV tuner

Huge news for Boxee Box owners: Boxee will soon release a major update that will include the capability to watch live, free over-the-air HD TV on the device though a USB dongle. We were able to take a first peek at the unreleased feature.

Spotify comes to Boxee

Spotify wants to be in your living room, and it’s using the Boxee Box as a vehicle to reach your TV screen: Users of the music subscription service can now use a dedicated Spotify app on the device to access their favorite songs and playlists.

How Netflix uses WebKit and HTML5 for TV devices

Netflix has spent the past few years trying to get its streaming service on as many devices as possible, including TVs, Blu-ray players, game consoles, streaming set-top boxes, mobile phones and tablets. Its secret for doing so? Building experiences based on WebKit and HTML5.

Boxee’s new iPad app packed with social discovery

Boxee is releasing an iPad app to entice new users to check out its media center software and maybe buy its broadband set-top boxes. But while the Boxee Box has been focused on adding premium content, the app is all about social sharing and video bookmarking.

How green are the devices that stream Netflix & Hulu?

Canceling cable won’t just save you money, it could also help to save the planet: Apple TV, Roku & Co. use significantly less electricity than your cable box. However, not all Netflix boxes are created equal. We tested five popular brands to find the greenest device.

Showyou now lets you save videos and watch them online later

Showyou is updating its iPad and iPhone apps to make the consumption of videos shared on social networks easier. In particular, Showyou gets “watch later” capability, as well as its own website and a bookmarklet for video sharing. Next up for Showyou: an Android app.