Boxee TV gets DLNA, 3-D streaming and more

Boxee TV devices can finally play videos stored on a network attached storage drive, and even receive Airplay-like streams from a mobile device, thanks to a new firmware update.

Here comes Boxee TV: A $99 box with over-the-air TV and cloud DVR

Boxee is back with a new devices that focused squarely on broadcast content: The new Boxee TV comes with two tuners for over-the-air content and unlimited DVR recording space in the cloud. The company’s existing Boxee Box will be put into maintenance mode.

Boxee opens up Cloudee to everyone, adds desktop uploader

Cloudee, Boxee’s private video sharing app for the iPhone is now available to anyone. The company also added a desktop uploader as well as an improved web UI. Storage is still free for a limited time, so you might want to upload your clips now.

Meet Cloudee: Boxee launches cloud video sharing app

Boxee launched a video sharing app for the iPhone Monday that aims to make private video sharing easier. A close integration with the Boxee Box will follow soon, and a paid service tier is in the works as well. But is Cloudee Boxee’s DVR in disguise?

Did Boxee only sell 200,000 boxes?

There are only around 200,000 people out there using a Boxee Box, according to numbers released by the company this week. That’s low, but it’s also part of a bigger trend: Consumers still have to warm up to the idea of buying connected devices.

Cord Cutters: Plex adds DLNA support

Good news for Plex users: The next version of the company’s media center server software will have support for DLNA devices, which brings Plex to the PS3, connected TVs and a bunch of other devices. Check out this episode of Cord Cutters for an exclusive preview.

Boxee may launch a DVR subscription service

Boxee’s Live TV tuner has been lacking the capability to record any TV programming, but now the startup may be working on its very own subscription service to bring DVR functionality to the Boxee Box. A survey sent out this weekend even included possible pricing.

Smart TVs cause a net neutrality debate in S. Korea

Korea Telecom in South Korea has taken an interesting twist on network neutrality, and is blocking Samsung’s Smart TVs from access the Internet, according to a large S. Korean daily. That’s right, net neutrality isn’t just for applications like Netflix anymore.