A growing wind farm in Alaska looks to batteries

While wind power is one of the cheapest forms of clean power, it’s also one of the most fickle, and to combat that problem, utilities are experimenting with energy storage, and in particular batteries.

Oil giant BP backs CoolPlanet BioFuels

Oil giant BP has invested in biofuel startup CoolPlanet BioFuels, according to an announcement on Thursday. CoolPlanet BioFuels is the biofuel startup you have never heard of but that has unusually famous investors like GE, Google, NRG Energy and ConocoPhillips.

Biofuel investments keep on coming

Developing biofuels continues to be a bright spot in the cleantech world. Two startups, plant genetic engineering company Chromatin and biofuel producer ZeaChem, announced separately on Tuesday that they have raised new rounds of funding.

Oil Giant BP Backs Biofuel Startup Verdezyne

Biofuel and biochemical startup Verdezyne lands investment from British oil giant BP and Dutch biochemicals company DSM — yet another biotech startup teaming up with big boys to bring green fuels and chemicals to bigger scale.

Oct. 14: What We’re Reading About Infrastructure

Aside from the news we covered here, today also brought some interesting nuggets about Verizon’s data center plans, Twitter’s new data format and yet another scale-out storage vendor getting acquired. Further, there’s a lot to be learned from Intel’s huge recession profits and Cloudscaling’s cloud-benchmarking proofpoints.

BP Buys Up Verenium’s Biofuel Biz for $98.3M

BP — yep, the company that’s responsible for spewing millions of gallons of oil into the gulf of Mexico — is simultaneously investing more money into the next-generation of biofuels. This morning BP said it will buy up Verenium’s cellulosic ethanol business for $98.3 million.