Google+ gets a slick new Android app

Google has completely revamped its Google+ Android app, putting a much bigger emphasis on photo sharing and integrating its Google+ Hangouts video chat more tightly. The UI refresh comes just weeks after a similar relaunch of the Google+ iPhone app.

Google’s secret weapon for social: your photos

Google+ was supposed to be a ghost town, but a growing number of photographers are nonetheless embracing the site to exchange pictures and knowledge about photography. That’s no accident, considering one of the key people behind Google+ led Yahoo’s acquisition of Flickr.

Is the 1% rule dead? The BBC thinks so, but it’s wrong

New research from the BBC suggests that one of the web’s most common rules of thumb no longer applies — and that online engagement has risen dramatically in recent years. But is its surprising conclusion based on a dramatic misinterpretation of the rule itself?

Google’s Horowitz on What Buzz Ultimately Aims To Do

What’s next for Google Buzz and Google Docs? Google’s VP of product management for Apps (aka everything but search and ads) Bradley Horowitz gave a bit of a roadmap last night, saying the motto he’s given his team is “We build apps for people, not markets.”