Pay Attention 007: The iPhone Is Cooler Than You


How the world has changed. When my father was my age, there was nothing more cool or impressive than driving an Aston Martin, toting a Walther PPK and ordering your dry martinis shaken, not stirred. That’s what James Bond did. And Bond was seriously cool.

Bond was the debonair British secret agent who was usually pimped out with all manner of extraordinary (often miniaturized) gadgets. Remember that wristwatch with a tiny, built-in camera? In the ’60s, that sort of gadgetry was wishful thinking — very cool, though.

So it’s kinda poetic, really, that the iPhone — arguably the ultimate multi-purpose high-tech gadget — has secured first place in the annual British CoolBrands Survey, knocking quintessentially cool Aston Martin, Bond’s favored tricked-out car of choice, off the top spot. Read More about Pay Attention 007: The iPhone Is Cooler Than You