Brazen Careerist Launches Social Resumes

Following Brazen Careerist’s focus on promoting its members’ ideas, rather than their resumes, the site has rolled out a social resume tool. It creates an active resume that showcases ideas and can be updated just as quickly as you can write a new blog post.

Forget Resumes, Focus on Ideas

penelope5Penelope Trunk thinks that most of the career tools out there don’t cut it in today’s world. Every job site or social network requires a resume that follows a traditional format, but many of us can’t make our resumes fit that format. We no longer spend years with one employer or even on one project, despite what most human resources managers might hope. Trunk summed up the situation: “Everyone who telecommutes has a weird resume.” Sites like LinkedIn don’t really provide a way to show off a web worker’s expertise and abilities — and the situation gets even worse if you’ve been freelancing. Read More about Forget Resumes, Focus on Ideas

Brazen Careerist: LinkedIn for Gen Y

Brazen Careerist, the blog network spearheaded by well-known career advice blogger and columnist Penelope Trunk, launched a professional social network today aimed at connecting employers with prospective Generation Y hires. The new social network juxtaposes features from popular social sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn so that it’s easy for that demographic to get started on the site and start adding content to it.
Unlike LinkedIn, and other career web sites, a person’s profile on Brazen Careerist is not centered solely around their resume, but on an “idea feed” where people list their goals, interests and career strengths. As Trunk points out, LinkdedIn’s profile content is dedicated to people listing their past work experience — something Generation Y-ers don’t have much of due to their age. The idea feed on Brazen Careerist, on the other hand, will allow employers find the best Gen Y candidates based on whether their ideas match the company’s, rather than the employer judging them solely on their limited work experience. Read More about Brazen Careerist: LinkedIn for Gen Y