Samsung plans 256 GB SSD in 2009

Samsungssd65gbSamsung appears to be wasting no time in the heating up Solid State Disk market. The company indicates plans to double capacity of SSD flash drives on an annual basis and since they have 128 GB samples on the way to vendors this year, that means we’ll see 256 GB drives in 2009. Cost continues to be the primary limitation, but my hope is that SSD sales will drive prices down. I’ll be keeping an eye on the Lenovo X300 sales figures since there’s a 64 GB Samsung SSD drive in every unit.Another factor to help drop prices: Samsung indicates that the industry will make a move by year-end to multilevel cell SSDs; current technology uses single level cells which cost more. I still don’t expect SSDs to be competitively priced for some time when compared to traditional storage on cost-per-GB basis, but the price gap continues to slowly narrow. Capacity keeps trending up as well, but I gather that we’ll see traditional storage for several years to come.

Trouble in Telco Land: Cisco Brazil Raided, Ericsson Blows Up

[qi:011] It’s been a bad day for telecom equipment vendors. Cisco Systems’ (CSCO) Brazilian office was raided by that country’s authorities for undisclosed reasons. Local media is suggesting there are “tax issues,” including a potential tax liability (and penalties) of up to $830 million. (If you are from Brazil, please send us some links and translations.) This is the first time the company has been snared in such a snafu. (via Nikos Theodosopoulos of UBS Research.)

In another other piece of dismal news, Ericsson (ERICY), one of the beneficiaries of the 3G boom, was grounded today. It is going to miss its revenue and earnings estimates, reports the WSJ. Too few carriers, too many equipment makers — this is exactly what I was talking about yesterday. Slower spending by Cingular and other Western mobile operators is behind the slowdown, analysts postulate.

Both in North America and in Western Europe, particularly the UK and Italy, we have situations where operators have late entered into consolidation talks and network sharing talks, and such discussions that typically hold back short-term orders

Given their 3G exposure, it wouldn’t surprise me if Alcatel-Lucent (ALA) adds to the drumbeat of bad news.

OLPC Has A Network Problem

I have been fairly skeptical of the One Laptop Per Child project, not because it’s not a worthy cause, but because it doesn’t factor in the harsh realities of the daily lives of those who Nicholas Negroponte & Co. plan to uplift.
olpc.gifWhere food, water and shelter are largely unmet needs, it is my belief that a laptop is not a road to salvation. Looks like I might be wrong. Apparently kids love it, as per Brazilian Culture Minister Gilberto Gil’s speech at the Emerging Technologies (EmTech) Conference at MIT, where he talked about the magnificence of the laptop project and its deep impact on children.
Nevertheless, his country isn’t ready to order the devices just yet. Why? Because they don’t have the network infrastructure. Read More about OLPC Has A Network Problem

How TiVo Can Get Its Groove Back

Things have not been going well for TiVo (TIVO) lately. The company released its latest quarterly results at the end of August, and guess what: People just don’t want to pay up to $17 a month for a box that records TV if their cable company offers them the same thing for a third of the price. TiVo only gained 41,000 subscribers last quarter, compared to 74,000 in the same quarter last year. They also lost another 350,000 DirecTV (DTV) subscribers because the satellite provider doesn’t carry TiVo anymore. And an unexpected inventory write-down charge saw the company’s second-quarter net loss more than double.
It really seems like there are only two options left for TiVo: Either become an IP shell company that lives off of the patent licensing fees other DVR distributors will likely have to pay to TiVo soon and let your own subscriber base slowly bleed to death, or finally become innovative again, and change the rules that define our collective TV experience one more time.
Here are a few unsolicited ideas for TiVo to get back on track:
Read More about How TiVo Can Get Its Groove Back

Reader Tip: Easily Relaunch Quicksilver

Regular reader/commenter/fellow Quicksilver guru Jono emailed this great tip for Quicksilver. If you’re a regular user of Quicksilver – especially with the advanced features enabled – you know it can act up from time to time. And while Quicksilver can be used to Force Quit or Relaunch other applications, it’s like trying to tickle yourself, it just doesn’t work.

Regular Reader/Commender Jono, submitted this tip about creating an Automator action that will Force Quit and then Relaunch Quicksilver on your command. To create it for yourself, do the following:

Create a new Automator workflow
Add the ‘Run AppleScript’ action
In there type:

do shell script “killall Quicksilver”
do shell script “open /Applications/”

Now, I saved it as a Finder plugin so that I can right-click (that’s CTRL click for you single-button mouse users) anywhere and choose RQ (Relaunch Quicksilver) action. Works mighty well – Thanks Jono!

Why Skype’s 10 billion Minutes Are No Big Deal

So for one day I leave the calculator in the bag, and try to be a nice guy … not forever, but just for one day. And guess what happens. I get spanked! Aswath Rao, does what I should have in the first place, and figures out via some serious number crunching that 10 billion minutes served up by Skype are not such a big deal. Each Skype user is generating only two minutes of usage every month day. Moral of the story: if you are going to be a skeptic, you really cannot have a day off. Not even one! Sigh!

In India, times they are a’ changing

Its not quite often that I get moved by a post. However, this one very succinctly captures the slow but confident pace of technological metamorphosis of India.

I’m talking about getting technology to the people, the people who really sweat, who really bleed, who really work. People who crave to do something better with their lives, not for their own sake, but for their children. People who see a better future in their kids than they can ever hope to have for themselves. People who know that the project they are involved in will never be complete in their lifetimes, who’s results will be judged by future generations, and despite all that, still put in more than the get out of it. That is what moves me. Life building upon life. Innovation builing upon innovation. The future is not out there, it’s in here. In life, in hopes, in dreams.