I’ll Take That TV Deal, Please!

Written by Daisy Whitney

There is a sense among the web video cognoscenti that you’re a sell-out if you aspire to make the leap from the web to TV. It’s the same mentality that dictates it’s hipper to only follow indie music than to admit you might like a tune from — gasp — top 40 radio.

Indeed, the possibility of crossing over from the web to the tube is perhaps one of the most divisive issues in the tight-knit web video community.

Brent Friedman, executive producer of the web series Gemini Division, told NewTeeVee that he deliberately aspired not to create a TV property. On the other hand, there are creators like Yuri Baranovsky of Break a Leg, who freely admitted at last week’s NATPE Los Angeles TV Festival that he views his web show as a “calling card” for a future TV writing gig.

But I especially notice this prickly subject of whether to cross over or not in the comments section for stories I write for TVWeek. When earlier this week I wrote about how I wanted the episodes for the new web show That Media Show to be embedded on the show’s home page (a change the show’s creator made about an hour later), I was chastised for being too “TV-centric.” The poster “TVguy” wrote: “So what you are saying is that you want it more like TV? Get out of your TV way of thinking.”

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