7 stories to read this weekend

What’s on the menu? Killer Drones, the man who mastered them and another who uses them; 20,000 warcrimes later; the rise of the machines and are we becoming puppets of a wired world. Plus, who is Marty Sullivan? Hint: Ask Tim Cook.

Greplin reinvents itself as Cue, organizes your Internet life

Greplin is getting a facelift and a new name, Cue, a moniker reflecting its new shift away from personal data search toward personal data organization. Rather than merely searching your linked accounts, Cue is now proactively organizing that data into an intelligent snapshot of your day.

Facebook & its double standard on sharing

Facebook’s approach to data is that of a one way street. Use any of its products — Connect, Comments, Likes — and you keep sending data into the giant Facebook brain. When you want to take something out of the Facebook borg — well, tough luck!

Data-rich Internet Needs Context, New Modes of Consumption & Serendipity

Jeff Veen & Doug Bowman (L to R)

Our bandwidth and the speeds at which we access the web will grow fivefold over the next few years thanks to advances in wired and wireless technology. Not only are we connecting faster, but we’re also doing it from more places thanks to mobile broadband. These two things combined are creating a rush of data that will be generated and consumed. At a GigaOM Bunker Series event held today in San Francisco, a group of technologists explored how the next generation of the web will use location, sensors built into devices such as our mobile phones and other context clues to “give the Internet a body.” Read More about Data-rich Internet Needs Context, New Modes of Consumption & Serendipity

With File Sharing, FriendFeed Rides the Collaboration Wave

fileattachmentsFriendFeed rolled out a new file-sharing feature on its site this afternoon in hopes of encouraging more organizations to use FriendFeed as a collaboration tool.

On its blog, FriendFeed explained:

This has been an especially popular request from organizations and companies that collaborate using FriendFeed groups. We’ve certainly been using this feature internally and have found it extremely useful. We hope it’ll help make you and your collaborators even more productive, and a little more attached to FriendFeed.

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