Rewind: 5 must see videos from RoadMap 2011

Last year at Roadmap we talked to folks such as Jack Dorsey, Matt Mullenweg, Drew Houston, Brian Chesky and others about how connectedness changes everything. Here are some videos to watch ahead of RoadMap 2012 which features the likes of Ev Williams and Kevin Systrom.

Top 5: RoadMap and connected consumers

GigaOM’s recent GigaOM RoadMap conference, with its emphasis on the future of connectivity and consumers, is a major influence on this week’s Top 5. Also hot: Kindle Fire, hyperlocal targeting and tablets.

The new whiz kids

Thirty years after Steve Jobs and Bill Gates revolutionized personal computing, there’s a new generation of entrepreneurs focused on bringing people together. Folks like Zuckerberg, Dorsey and Crowley are leading the charge in changing the way people communicate andinteract with each other.

Connectedness & us: Takeaways from GigaOM RoadMap

Connectedness was the theme of our first GigaOM RoadMap conference and we talked to smart speakers and attendees all day long. Here are the GigaOM and GigaOM Pro editorial teams’ highlights and key takeaways from yesterday’s events, plus some photos from the event.

How the Internet is revolutionizing reuse

The old idea of reuse is at the heart of the web-based sharing economy which uses the maturation of the Internet and mobile to enable the sharing of under-utilized resources. Is it a trend that can have a real impact on reducing waste?

Today in Cleantech

I’m at GigaOM’s Roadmap Conference today in San Francisco, where earth2tech editor Katie Fehrenbacher just interviewed Airbnb co-founder Brian Chesky. He noted, “We come from an ownership society and we’re moving toward access. You’re defined by the experiences you have.” Chesky has his eye on expanding the Airbnb reach toward sublets, boats, anything that can broaden the concept of vacation renting. He told me that Europe has represented the easiest growth area for Airbnb because hosts are more trusting generally of those they rent to. As business models emerge centered on sharing and hopefully, reducing consumption in the process, trust will be a critical part of the puzzle.