is closing down December 15 is closing down its premium content distribution platform by December 15. Maybe selling content like Louis CK isn’t that easy, after all? takes a page from Louis CK, starts selling DRM-free content

Just when you thought had tried everything, it evloves egain: The former for videos turned social video curation platform launched a self-serve content marketplace for indie creators Thursday, allowing anyone to sell their flicks as streams and DRM-free downloads.

Chill’s take on social video: Everyone is an expert

Social video startup Chill has seen huge traffic gains since it launched curated collections of videos last week. Chill co-founder Brian Norgard explains why collections are so important and what Chill learned from completely changing its core product twice in recent months.

Chill moves from live chat to social video discovery has all but abandoned its group chat rooms and is now focusing squarely on social video discovery. The startup’s founder Brian Norgard likened the new approach to the way people interact with content in media-focused social networks like Instagram and Path.