IKEA to sell only LEDs by 2016

IKEA says it will only sell LED lighting by 2016, and will give up all other less efficient forms of lighting. The news follows IKEA phasing out incandescent lighting, getting rid of plastic bags, and putting solar panels on its rooftops.

Behind the scenes at an LED lighting lab

After raising $230 million in venture capital and developing LED lighting components for a decade, Bridgelux in Livermore, Calif., is making a technology transition to drive down costs. The company is now counting on its partnership with Toshiba to make this transition a success.

10 ways Chinese investors are dominating cleantech

Chinese investors and the Chinese government are starting to aggressively fund U.S.-based cleantech startups. There’s been a half dozen of these deals in recent weeks and months, so I thought I’d put together this list to point out the 10 big ones I’ve been watching:

Cleantech investing drops by a third and embraces efficiency

Cleantech venture investments dropped by a third in the second quarter of this year compared to the same quarter last year, according to the Cleantech Group. However, energy efficiency technologies such as LED lighting and energy management software are still getting some love from private investors.

Lighting Science Aims to Raise $150M and Join Nasdaq

LED lighting has been moving gradually from niche markets. Now it’s set to gain a brighter profile among investors as well with the planned Nasdaq debut of Lighting Science Group, which plans to sell shares to raise up to $150 million.

Bridgelux Raises $20M For LEDs

LED chip and array maker Bridgelux raised close to $50 million just a year ago, but is raising even more money, according to a filing. The nine-year-old venture-backed startup has raised another $20.74 million of a planned $21 million round.

Boxee CEO: Google TV is ‘a Great Opportunity’

Google’s launch into the living room could threaten Boxee, Roku and other broadband-connected set-top makers. But Boxee CEO Avner Ronen said that the launch of Google TV could also present an opportunity for the startup, giving it an easier way to connect to consumers.

10 LED Companies To Watch At Lightfair

It’s fitting to have the world’s largest lighting convention in the city that’s so covered in lights you can see it from space. This week Lightfair kicks off and companies from the world largest to the small innovative startups, are unveiling their world-domination lighting plans.