The social recruiting start-up wars heat up

With Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Yammer, it’s clear social has arrived. And what goes for internal communication goes for recruiting as well, writes Josh Bersin, CEO of consultancy Bersin & Associates, in an article laying out the feverishly hot social recruiting start-up scene.

VW Takes a Stab at Lightweight, Aerodynamic Design With “Up! Lite”

The way Volkswagen describes its latest concept car — the Up! Lite diesel hybrid coup unveiled today at the Los Angeles Auto Show — you might think the German automaker has taken some cues from the American startups Aptera Motors and Bright Automotive. VW says in its release that the Up! Lite design (variation in the same family as the electric E-Up! concept shown in Frankfurt this year), “underscores just how fascinating a car tuned to aerodynamic perfection can look,” and features ultra lightweight body construction.

But on the outside, the Up! Lite bears very little resemblance to the three-wheeled Aptera 2e or 2h (which prioritize aerodynamics) or the utilitarian Bright IDEA (a fleet van prototype based on the concepts of lightweighting and aerodynamics championed by the Rocky Mountain Institute). The Up! Lite doesn’t achieve the triple-digit miles per gallon boasted by Aptera and Bright. But the sleek and cutesy coup — which VW says “might be launched globally” — gets 70 MPG for highway driving (not too shabby for a four-seater hybrid), according to the automaker, and produces about 40 grams of CO2 per mile.
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