Senator Rockefeller’s Bulworth moment

The biggest firestorm is likely to erupt over Rockefeller’s bid to legitimize Aereo-like services by exempting antenna rental services from broadcast retransmission fees.

AT&T launches faster 45 Mbps U-verse broadband in 40 new markets

AT&T, which lost 61,000 broadband customers during the second quarter of 2013 is launching a faster version of its U-verse service to stem losses and fight off competition from cable companies. It should make residents of 40 new markets reasonably happy…. I think!

The internet is like the old Soviet Union, except it works

The internet has changed the world, boosted the economic fortunes of many and disrupted entire industries. And it has done so despite an interconnection model that’s built on verbal agreements with no contracts and no money changing hands. And governments should just leave it alone.

The EU wants to invest in broadband, but will it?

The EU is preparing a package of loans to boost broadband speeds and access across Europe. Neelie Krose, the VP of European Commission is meeting with telecom CEOs and government leaders to push a broadband loan package worth €9.2 billion.

Maybe it’s time to rethink how we fund broadband

Last week’s announcement that a $200 million broadband investment fund is in play courtesy of Gigabit Squared is part of a quiet trend of communities searching for new ways to fund broadband. From promissory notes to bonds, towns are building networks in new ways.

Will the Senate please ask ISPs to justify their wireless caps?

The Senate is investigating video competition during a hearing on Tuesday and public interest groups are using it as an opportunity to ask tough questions on broadband caps. I would love the Senate to demand answers on how caps can thwart the burgeoning industry.