TV networks getting that sinking feeling

The networks generally insist that marketers are simply being cautious and that ad spending will ultimately pick up, but investors and analysts are clearly growing skeptical.

The FCC’s new program access rules may lack the rights stuff

Insofar as the FCC’s goal is to create a level playing field, where OVDs could compete effectively with facilities-based pay-TV providers, the disparate treatment of broadcast and digital rights will make the job much harder than simply mandating carriage negotiations.

Sports report: Conflict ahead

As sports viewing increasingly goes over-the-top and mobile, taking the traditional broadcast audience with it, big-ticket, broadcast-only rights deals are going to grow increasingly problematic for the broadcasters.

Pulling back the curtain on Aereo

Aereo’s greatest utility was the ability to watch must-see live TV on a phone or tablet in more or less real time, but that type of content makes up only a fraction of most broadcast channels’ lineups.

Aereo’s hopes hang in the cloud

For all the sturm und drung the Aereo case unleashed it could all come down to a matter of legal draftsmanship more than legal reasoning.

Justice Department could hold key to Aereo outcome

The outcome of the Aereo case could turn on whether a majority of the justices can get comfortable distinguishing Aereo from Cablevision, allowing them to craft an opinion that finds Aereo to be illegal without disturbing the result of the Cablevision case.