FCC outlines $15B spectrum flip from TV broadcast to mobile

The FCC wants to kick off an incentive auction in 2014 that would buy back TV airwaves from the broadcasters and sell them to mobile operators at a premium. The plan isn’t without critics, but in general it was lauded by both consumer groups and carriers.

Look Ma, TV! First broadcast TV phone appears on MetroPCS

TV broadcasters are making their own contribution to the growing mobile video market with Dyle, a service that plucks their programming out of the DTV airwaves and renders it on mobile phones and other small-screened devices. A Samsung Galaxy phone will be the first Dyle device.

Broadcasters try, try again with mobile TV

Broadcasters have been looking for a carrier guinea pig to test out their mobile digital TV service, and on Wednesday they found one. MetroPCS has agreed to sell an Samsung Android phone embedded with a chip that will pluck digital TV signals directly from the airwaves.

Video Haunts and Shapes the Spectrum Debate

In the land grab for spectrum, the most frightening specter is Netflix. But as carriers launch their LTE networks, I’m concerned about their marketing efforts around HD video. Both AT&T and Verizon are pitching it on their networks despite video’s ability to cause network congestion.

Online TV’s Next Big Battleground: Apps With Ads

Countless apps on the iPad and iPhone use ads for monetization. However, if you bring those apps to the TV, these overlay ads might appear up on top of traditional broadcast content, which is a plan that some broadcasters really don’t like at all.

Syncbak Aims to Bring Local TV Online

Syncbak hopes to enable broadcast stations to take control of their destinies and create new streaming services, by offering a way for them to verify local viewers are in their broadcast area and ensure that devices accessing content belong in households that can receive their signals.

Call The Lawyers: Bamboom Wants to Be Netflix for Broadcasters

Cord cutters or those who want to watch American Idol in real-time or some of their home sporting events on their connected devices will soon have a new option thanks to Bamboom, a startup that said it raised $4.5 million today in seed capital.

When All Content Is Personalized, Who Needs TV Networks?

Online video firms, cable companies and social networks are trying to figure out new ways to personalize the content that people watch online and on TV. But in a world where content discovery is backed by an algorithm, what does that mean for TV programmers?

YouTube Won’t Fix Google TV’s Content Problems

Google is shifting responsibility for Google TV into its YouTube division, hoping that the video site will be able to help the gearheads at Google TV with a lesson in striking content deals. But if that’s the case, it will most likely be disappointed.

Broadcasters: Keep Viewers On-site, Get More Social

Broadcast networks would do well to keep viewers on their own sites rather than having them watch video through embedded players, according to new research. Viewers watched more broadcast video on-site and viewers that found content through social networking sites were more likely to watch longer.