Will Google TV Get the Broadcaster Help It Needs to Succeed?

What happens if Google TV, which aims to offer up premium online video content alongside linear and on-demand programming, isn’t able to deliver? That’s a very real possibility facing the new video platform being touted by Google as a revolutionary new way to watch TV.

Vid-Biz: Veoh-UMG, Broadcast Retrans, KickApps HTML5

Today on the Net: Universal Music Group’s appeal of the Veoh copyright infringement verdict could be a preview of Viacom’s appeal of the YouTube verdict, broadcasters are lobbying for government to stay out of retransmission discussions and KickApps added support for HTML5 in its App Studio.

Is Web Video Replacing Prime-time TV?

For years online video has been seen as complementary to broadcast TV, but now there are signs that video on the web could be displacing traditional TV viewing during the prime-time hours. So is web video finally starting to replace broadcast TV viewing?