Aereo: Round 2

Aereo is back in court with a brand new legal theory for why it should be allowed to continue to operate. If it prevails, the implications could be nearly as far-reaching as if it had won in the Supreme Court.

NFL, MLB try the hidden-ball trick in Aereo appeal

The NFL and Major League Baseball are threatening to take their ball and go home if Aereo is allowed to continue streaming broadcast TV signals to subscribers without paying retransmission fees to broadcasters.

Cablers eyeing Aereo-like service?

Reports that leading MVPDs are considering going Aereo on broadcasters to get out of retransmission fees read more like an exercise in corporate chain-yanking than a real threat.

Reckoning with retransmission consent

Despite broadcasters’ trumpeting of the free-market principles they say are at work in retransmission negotiations, the current retransmission consent regime is truly a creature of Congress.

Boxing in Pandora

While Warner is the first major record label to sign such a broad royalty deal its arrangement with Clear Channel is already being looked to as a template for a broader detente between the record companies and broadcasters.But it may not be a template Pandora can follow.

Spoil sports: The coming showdown over TV sports

Over the last 20 months, national networks have agreed to spend $72 billion over the next decade for TV rights to professional and college sports, the Olympics, and other major sporting events, according to a study published by the Philadelphia Inquirer. Add in the commitments for local broadcast rights made by regional sports networks such as YES in New York and the total probably exceeds $100 billion.