Apple issues OS X patch for Shellshock vulnerability

Apple has released an update for recent versions of its OS X operating system in order to patch the so-called Shellshock bug. The flaw in the bash shell, which Unix-based systems like OS X and Linux use, is severe and could allow attackers to steal information or take over victims’ systems, though Apple already said its users would only be vulnerable if they “configure advanced Unix services.” According to Ars Technica, the upcoming OS X Yosemite version will include the patch by default. The patch issued late Monday is intended for the following versions: Lion v10.7.5, Lion Server v10.7.5, Mountain Lion v10.8.5, and Mavericks v10.9.5.

Quick Fix: Get Your Music Back After the iOS 4.2 Update

The update to iOS 4.2 that rolled out last Monday went pretty smoothly, but there were many cases of people who updated to 4.2, then seemingly lost all their music. My own iPod touch was affected, but luckily there’s a quick fix available.

Update Fixes iPhoto ’11 Library Bug

On Friday, Apple released an important software update to iPhoto ’11, which addresses what Apple described as an “extremely rare” problem with iPhoto galleries not upgrading properly and as a result, becoming inaccessible. We’ve also found some solutions for those already affected.

Magic Mouse Drains Keyboard Batteries

So the holidays are over. The food portions are returning to healthy sizes but the damage is done. New Year resolutions you’ve been ruminating on for weeks must now be taken seriously. It’s time to get in shape. No more excuses! No more distractions. You have that nice new Mac so you think, “Hey, I’ll type ’em up and print ’em out! If they’re pinned up on the wall I can’t possibly fail!”

Only, you might have a problem doing any typing if recent reports prove accurate. It seems the combination of Magic Mouse and Apple Wireless Keyboard are a toxic mix. Over on the Apple Support Discussions forum users are reporting that, since installing their Magic Mouse, their Apple Wireless Keyboards have been guzzling power like there’s no tomorrow.

Brand new, planet-killing alkaline batteries don’t make it through a full week. Tree-hugging rechargeables manage less. Users have been forced to revert to backup mice (mouses?) or switch-out their keyboards for a more traditional, wired variety. Read More about Magic Mouse Drains Keyboard Batteries

iPhone 3.1: Unresponsive and No Vitals, But Not Dead?

iPhone coma. Two words you never want to see in the same sentence! Yesterday I went to pick up my phone, and it wouldn’t unlock. Weird. I figured maybe the battery had died. That’s a common problem with the 3.1 iPhone software update. After 15 minutes I still had no response. What is even stranger? MobileMe said the phone was online, so I went ahead and called it. My iPhone never rang, yet the call didn’t go to voicemail until the fifth ring.

As Zapp Brannigan might say, “Kiff, we have a conundrum.” And it turns out I am not alone.
Apparently one of the new “features” of the iPhone 3.1 update is severe narcolepsy, colloquially called “the iPhone coma.” iPhones running 3.0 or 3.0.1 software are not affected, and the coma appears much more prevalent on the iPhone 3G than the 3GS. This issue seems somewhat widespread and there are several threads about this issue on the Apple discussion boards. Read More about iPhone 3.1: Unresponsive and No Vitals, But Not Dead?

Mangled Mail? That’ll Be the New Cat

Mail icon

Ooops. Seems I spoke too soon. TidBITS reports that some users who upgraded to Snow Leopard, Apple’s (s aapl) latest incarnation of its Mac OS X operating system, have been experiencing problems sending email using the native email client,

When trying to send mail, hapless users have been getting an error message that reads “Error 54: Connection Reset By Peer.”
Of course, I know what you’re thinking. “Error 54?” you’re saying, as you stroke your Tech Guy Beard of Truth, “Sounds like an issue with port rotation. I probably need to update my SMTP settings.” Read More about Mangled Mail? That’ll Be the New Cat