Twitter acquires Crashlytics team for mobile app development

Twitter has acquired Crashlytics, a company that works to improve mobile app performance and reduce bugs and crashes among other popular startups. The two companies announced Monday that the Cambridge-baseds startup will be joining up with Twitter.

Apple will continue looking into iOS 5 battery bugs

After many users reported still seeing problems with battery life under iOS 5.0.1, a release intended to fix said issues, Apple has issued a short statement addressing remaining concerns. The statement, made to AllThingsD, says that Apple will “continue to investigate” remaining problems.

First Lion update fixes bugs in MacBook Air, Mac mini

The first update to Apple’s new Mac OS X 10.7 operating system is out now, and there’s a special update just for owners of a MacBook Air or Mac mini loaded with Lion, including fixes for issues related to flickering screens, booting problems and SD cards.

Why I’ll Wait on Snow Leopard, and Why Maybe You Should Too

snow_leopard_boxA new cat is upon us, but that doesn’t mean I’ll pounce on the latest upgrade, pardon the pun. Dare I admit in public I’m not an early adopter? Hey, if you like living on the edge, go for it. Go ahead and cook your poultry below 165 degrees or eat raw eggs.

Me, I play it safe. Mac users like everything to work out to the box and a new OS simply doesn’t. Do you really want to spend your weekend messing with a “better” operating system? Ask these guys about that.
I may be a lonely voice among the chorus of praise for Snow Leopard, but here are five reasons why I’m going to wait a bit before hearing this new cat purr. Read More about Why I’ll Wait on Snow Leopard, and Why Maybe You Should Too

Are You Impacted by Facebook’s iPhone Problem?

facebook_head_6_smallThe team behind LuckyCal, an events-focused startup, has discovered a unique bug that impacts iPhone applications that use Facebook Connect. The UID overflow bug could affect about 10 percent, or 25 million, Facebook users. The fix is pretty simple, according to LuckyCal founder Sanjay Vakil. The company has shared a way to patch it on its blog.
“The overflow appears to have occurred a few months back, and Facebook’s amazing growth has resulted in anyone who signed up after June being touched by the bug,” according to LuckyCal’s blog. “The impact is that no Facebook Connect-ed iPhone applications will work for those users.” Of course, this assumes that app developers haven’t independently patched the code. To be clear, I have not been impacted myself yet. Have you been affected? Do let us know.
Update: Facebook spokeswoman emailed us to let us know that “the bug in the Facebook Connect for iPhone SDK has been fixed. Developers can download an updated, more scalable code from here. iPhone applications integrated with Facebook Connect will continue to function as normal.”