Video: Why Bump should be on your smartphone now

I used to use Bump, the mobile app that wirelessly transfers data between two smartphones, but over time, I uninstalled it. Now it’s not only back on my phones, but has a coveted home screen spot thanks to the latest share-to-desktop feature.

Sick of keeping track of contact details? ContactMonkey wants to help

The days of business card details recorded in Rolodexes are long gone with dozens of different platforms for storing contact information taking their place. Cloud-based service ContactMonkey aims to make it simple to share, grab and update contact details, no matter which one you’re using.

How NoSQL database Riak makes Bump work

Database startup Basho on Tuesday released details of how its Riak NoSQL database underpins Bump. Bump is the seventh most-downloaded free iPhone app of all time — with more than 80 million downloads — so it has a lot of data to store and transfer.

What, No Fist Bump?

Call me a sucker for cool networking tools, but I love Bump and wrote about the Mountain View, Calif.-based back in August 2010. The company’s audacious goal – to bridge the physical and digital world – made a lot of sense to me. Investors, too, liked the company and have pumped in over $20 million into the company.

What, no fist Bump?

Call me a sucker for cool networking tools, but I love Bump. The company’s audacious goal – to bridge the physical and digital world – made sense to me and investors. Since launch, apparently 77 million have downloaded the Bump app, but no one appears to be using it.

Appcelerator opens a market for mobile back-end services

Appcelerator has built up a community of 1.5 million developers that have used its cross-platform development tool to build more than 25,000 apps for iOS, Android and BlackBerry. Now it’s looking to turn that community into a selling opportunity by launching a marketplace for software modules.

How to transfer data between iOS devices

Often, you’ll want to transfer some piece of data — a link, contact information or a photo, for example — from one of your iOS devices to another. Unfortunately, the iPhone doesn’t natively support Bluetooth file transfer like most phones. Luckily, there are other workarounds.

CardCloud Wants to Kill Off Business Cards

I’ve been looking for a viable alternative to the archaic business cards for some time. CardCloud wants to replace business cards with a digital service: contact details are stored in a web app and can then be sent to other people using a mobile app.

Bump Technologies Raises $16M for Mobile Interaction Domination

Bump Technologies has grown from a novel way to share contacts into a full fledged content sharing network that is moving beyond its bump mechanic. Now the company has raised $16 milllion to further pursue its vision of transforming the way people interact through their phones.