What controversy? Verizon, Time Warner begin cross-selling services

Verizon’s joint marketing pact with the cable providers may be facing some serious scrutiny, but Verizon and its partners don’t seem to have noticed. On Thursday, Time Warner Cable blithely announced they would launch bundled mobile and cable services together in five markets.

Deal alert: MacUpdate’s December bundle impresses

The most recent MacUpdate bundle boasts 11 titles for $49.99, including one of the best diagnostic tools money can buy for your Mac, a terrific email client for power users, and a classic RPG for Mac users with Skyrim envy, just in time for the holidays.

Do Consumers Really Want to Pay for Media?

The music industry has made quite a stir about piracy and downloads. Pay TV providers have fought to protect their service bundles in the face of a la carte proposals. And Apple has built a nice business with iTunes. But how much are consumers really willing to pay for media?
Packaging is critical to the way media is sold, and it takes various forms, many of which are “bundles” of media products. For example, if the purest form of recorded music is the individual song, then an album is a bundle of songs marketed and sold together. The movie industry relies on a bundle that includes theatrical release, DVD distribution and then syndication on television — the movie bundle is enforced with time “windows” that take advantage of the time value of media. Most people want to see movies when other people are talking about them, and waiting a year for the DVD release simply isn’t acceptable.
And then there’s pay TV, a business built on bundles — and bundles of bundles. Consumers think of watching individual television shows, but TV programs are bundled together into something we call “channels” which are then bundled together into “packages” for which we pay on a monthly basis. Read More about Do Consumers Really Want to Pay for Media?