Creeping a la carte

Consumers increasingly are willing and able to assemble their own, a la carte TV bundles, through a mixture of traditional and OTT channels, while eschewing pre-packaged bundles dictated by the networks.

A modest proposal for the next retransmission fight

Justice Department or Federal Trade Commission should treat the common practice of bundling low-rated networks like the Smithsonian Channel in with “must-carry” channels like CBS to achieve carriage fees and channel positions those low-rated networks would not command on their own as the illegal tying arrangement they clearly appear to be.

Cord fraying continues

Cablevision’s antitrust lawsuit against Viacom over bundling is further evidence of the stresses building up along the fault line between pay-TV networks and service providers.

The Economist unbundles digital from print subscriptions

It used to be an article of faith that a print subscription would give you access to a publication’s online offerings. That assumption is being tested by one magazine’s decision to “unbundle” its digital privileges.

Ignoring critics, Verizon, Comcast dive deeper into cross-selling pact

Verizon and Comcast are now selling their cross-network bundle of mobile and broadband services in six new markets. The U.S. Department of Justice may well find that their cross-selling pact anti-competitive, but Verizon and its cable partners aren’t stopping until they’re told they have to.