Do You Want More Web Work?

Ah, the age old business question: “Do I want more work?” The question, of course, is actually “Can I handle more work?” or evenĀ  “How much more work can I handle?” Do you know how much more work you can handle? Are you at that tipping/breaking point yet? How much more work will get you to that point?

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Vid Picks: How to Make Sushi

From pre-packaged California rolls at supermarkets to high-end sushi restaurants where you can easily spend a week’s pay, the Japanese speciality has become popular worldwide and nearly ubiquitous in urban America. You can even get decent (if overpriced) sushi at many American ballparks! Many feel that sushi is an acquired taste, though for those who have acquired it, it can turn into a kind of madness — what was once a simple way to preserve fish has become incredibly complicated.

Sushi: Japanese Tradition, from Japanese comedy troupe Rahmen, made the rounds a while ago and pokes fun at the rules and manners of eating at a traditional sushi restaurant. Proper etiquette at a sushi bar can be intimidating, especially when dining out with a self-appointed expert who knows the difference between fake wasabi and real wasabi. Trevor Carson, author of The Zen of Fish, was featured in a short ABC news segment last year offering some handy tips.

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Eight minutes with the 875U AirCard

I’m back home from the AT&T store to give you eight minutes with the 875U. I can’t overstate how large this AirCard is; should be fine for most notebooks, but UMPC owners will want to take this into consideration. I’ll be testing the actual power drain on the Q1P when using this card since it does have an internal battery. I’ve tried to use the card without the battery but it won’t work. Honestly, I’m on the fence with this device for my personal use. It might be just the ticket for some folks, but I’ll be carefully weighing the pros and cons over the next 30 days. I was very impressed by the download speeds when in an HSDPA coverage area; better than what I’ve had with EV-DO. But is that enough to overcome the bulk and potentially large battery drain?

Battle for Mobile TV Standards?

My story on Qualcomm, The Next Monopoly, has only just hit the stands and already I need to update the information. According to reports coming from 3GSM, Qualcomm’s MediaFLO mobile TV technology is all set to take on the European DVB-H (Digital Video Broadcast-Handheld) and T-DMB (Terrestrial-Digital Mobile Broadcast) specs. One of the key points I make about Qualcomm in the feature is how they abide to the mantra: love thy carrier, and how that’s helped them become a gigantic force in wireless world.

Jeffery Lorbeck, vice president and general manager for MediaFLO at Qualcomm, told EE Times that MediaFLO is getting interest from European carriers, and the company is now working on ways to submit its technology to standards organizations and hopefully get it approved as an international spec. Omar Javaid, senior director of international business for MediaFLO, said, “We have global ambitions.” Javid called competing DVB-H and T-DMB technologies “not bad” for bringing TV to mobiles, but added, “Those other technologies are mobile extensions of existing terrestrial standards. They carry legacies. They have issues with power, mobility and air interfaces.”

Just as an aside, these were the same arguments they made when making a case for CDMA over GSM. Look what happened!