Business process API-ification: The LEGO promise fulfilled

Amazon has proven that developers are happy to outsource the data center, and Salesforce has proven that end users and IT organizations are content to consume a Web-based application — but what about all the core functions in between? Enter the providers of business process APIs. Mayfield’s Robin Vasan offers an overview of the emerging area.

Macworld | iWorld 2012 highlights for developers

While the target audience for Macworld | iWorld is your typical consumer, there are a few vendors in attendance that are focused on reaching developers. If you’re a developer yourself, or work with developers, you might want to stop by the following vendors during the show.

Has SAP gotten cloud religion?

When SAP pre-announced better-than-expected earnings, there was no mention of cloud computing. But, there is a feeling that the company, as it completes its buyout of SuccessFactors and closes more Business ByDesign deals, might be able to put its reputation of cloud cluelessness behind it.

Jaspersoft parlays Red Hat OpenShift in BI push

The free version of Jaspersoft’s analytics software will be offered as part of Red Hat’s OpenShift Platform-as-a-Service. As Red Hat, Microsoft, Heroku, and Cloud Foundry PaaSes compete, watch for them to add more services and capabilities just as they’ve raced to add language support.

Happtique aims to build a standard for mobile health apps

Many of us are using our smartphones to track our health, but much like the web, it’s hard to say what’s a worthwhile app or not. Happtique, a startup wants to change that by creating a certification program for medical apps.’s Rypple buy shows the appeal of HR apps’s plan to purchase Rypple shows the importance of human capital management to the new cloud-savvy enterprise. The game plan calls for a new HCM business unit and the relabeling of Rypple’s offerings as “Successforce.” The effort will be directed by industry vet John Wookey.