Goodbye, Springpad? The company reportedly will shut its doors

Springpad, a six-year-old Boston-based cloud note-taking service best described as a mix between Evernote and Pinterest, might be packing up its notebooks for good. A report from The Verge, released Thursday afternoon, says that the company will be closing its doors soon, citing an anonymous source and sparse activity from the company’s social accounts. Raising roughly $7 million since it was launched in 2008, Springpad announced late last year that it was headed towards the 5 million registered user mark — a respectable but very small number compared to Evernote’s 75 million users. The report doesn’t list any timeline for when the service will phase out. Springpad declined to comment about the story.

Apple Climbs to Middle of the Pack in Fortune Global 500 List


Once a year, Fortune releases its ranking of the top 500 global companies, and in recent years Apple (s aapl) has usually managed to nab a spot. This year, it rose to almost exactly the middle of the field at 253, up from 337 last year. The ratings are based on gross revenue, so it isn’t surprising to find larger PC manufacturers like Hewlett-Packard (s hpq) (32) and Dell (s dell) (115) ranked significantly higher, despite the fact that Apple enjoys healthier profit margins.

Rankings are based on performance over the course of the last year, so the new list represents results for 2008. Apple first made the cut of the Global 500 list only two years ago for 2006, when they placed near the very bottom, at 492. Considering the short time frame, that’s actually a fairly impressive 2-year gain. Read More about Apple Climbs to Middle of the Pack in Fortune Global 500 List