Why Verizon should buy Hulu

The search for a Hulu buyer continues, as it’s being pitched to a wide range of media and technology companies. While much of the press has been focused on the possibility of a tech giant buying Hulu, an acquisition by Verizon might be its best bet.

Exelon’s Power Play for NRG Could Create Nuclear Giant

Exelon’s (s exc) unsolicited $6 billion bid for its smaller rival NRG Energy (s nrg) may have been prompted by short-term concerns about raising capital and cash flow, but the longer-term outcome could reshape the nuclear industry’s landscape.
Nuclear power makes up only 5 percent of NRG’s power-generation capacity (vs. 46 percent for natural gas and 33 percent for coal). But the company has been gearing up for greater nuclear capacity for some time. In September 2007, it submitted the first application in 29 years to build a nuclear plant in the U.S.
Exelon, which at $19 billion in revenue last year was three times as large as NRG, owns 10 nuclear stations and 17 reactors, and is the largest player in the U.S. and the third largest in the world. Buying NRG will add to that total and give it enough resources and economies of scale to leverage even more plants in coming years.
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