Does social beat search, or does “peacocking” get in the way?

Most people want to share content that makes them look good — a concept that Gravity CEO Amit Kapur called “peacocking” at paidContent 2012 this afternoon. Sometimes that urge is a good thing, but sometimes it gets in the way of delivering a truly personalized online experience.

BuzzFeed’s Peretti: Design engaging ads made for sharing

Jonah Peretti, BuzzFeed’s co-founder, spoke at Ad Age’s Digital Conference and talked about how it’s helping usher in the transition from search to social. He said the new standard in advertising is ads that are engaging and are ripe for sharing.

Why kitties and puppies are (still) content kings

The phrase “cats on skateboards” harkens an earlier phase on the internet when websites feasted on slews of amateur content. Online entertainment has since become more sophisticated. Or has it?

The lesson of BuzzFeed: Media companies are everywhere

Can BuzzFeed turn itself from a silly meme-generator into a serious media outlet by hiring journalists like Politico writer Ben Smith? If the meteoric rise of the Huffington Post has shown us anything, it’s that new media entities can spring from the most unlikely of sources.

BuzzFeed Opens Up Access to Its Viral Dashboard

BuzzFeed, which tracks online topics that have gone viral, is offering a version of the analytics dashboard that the site uses to monitor the spread of these Internet “memes” to any website, brand or publisher that wants to track the popularity of their online content.