The year in media: 12 reasons why we should be optimistic

It’s easy to focus on the negatives in media — the mistakes, the downsizing at traditional journalistic outlets, etc. — but there were plenty of reasons to be optimistic about the media landscape this year, and here are just a few of them

Nick Denton unveils “the great unclenching” at Gawker Media

Gawker founder Nick Denton unveiled a management shakeup he referred to as “the great unclenching,” in which he will share power over the blog network with a management committee of seven, a change he hopes will help Gawker compete with BuzzFeed and Vox

Yes, newsrooms are shrinking — but journalism is growing

Layoffs at newspapers like the New York Times are no longer a surprise. But we should be careful not to assume that just because some papers are downsizing, journalism as a whole is in decline — because it’s growing faster than ever

Uber: For better or worse, this is the way the media works now

The way the story around Uber’s behavior has emerged is another example of how much the media landscape has changed over the past couple of years, with CEOs and VCs tweeting and blogging and new-media entities like BuzzFeed driving the agenda