UK Wind Power Claims Cut In Half

Wind turbines in the UK may have suddenly become less environmentally friendly according to a new formula used to calculate carbon offset figures. The Telegraph reported today that the British Wind Energy Association, an industry trade group, has cut its CO2 reduction calculations in half after talks with the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority, which enforces rules on claims in advertisements.

The British Wind Energy Association has set the new baseline number it uses to calculate the amount of CO2 reductions at 430 grams of CO2 per kilowatt-hour, down from 860 grams. The BWEA says on its web site that the new figure represents the avoided carbon emissions from a mix of traditional power plants in the UK, including coal- and gas-fired plants.

The Telegraph said that experts had previously calculated that the UK would need 50,000 wind turbines to help reach a government target of saving 200 million metric tons of CO2 emissions by 2020. The country could now need 100,000 turbines to meet that target. It currently has just under 2,400 turbines.
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UK Wind Plans Could Spin Off Course

Despite the winds of green job creation starting to blow across the U.S., the UK’s ambitious goal of supplying a third of its electricity from wind by 2020 is starting to look like it could be unachievable.

3 Bites of Wisdom from Barksdale

My friend, and founder, Amy Lang, has about as well-rounded a portfolio of experience as any startup-type could hope for. Having begun her career in recruiting at Arthur Andersen, Amy was a pre-IPO staffer at Netscape, then worked at Oracle, and later went to Yahoo! where she refined her expertise in marketing.
What’s nice about her case is that it confirms a concept Found|READ has promoted since its inception: The lessons Amy learned at these anchor tech companies have valuable application far beyond Silicon Valley — especially those she gleaned from that silver-tongued Mississipian, Jim Barksdale, the former CEO of Netscape. Read More about 3 Bites of Wisdom from Barksdale